The most popular way of climbing Mt.Fuji is to take a bus to the 5th station, then start climbing to the top. The original trail starts from the 1st station near Sengen Shrine and takes longer but is beautiful.

Trail Map

Climbing the original trail from the 1st station

Take a bus from Mt.Fuji station bound for Umagaeshi where the trail starts. 30 minutes ride for 500 yen. 5 buses run every day during summer, but only on weekends in the spring and fall.
FujiQ bus bound for Umagaeshi (馬返)


Access to Mt.Fuji

By Car

From Tokyo : Chuo expressway, exit at Kawaguchiko.
From Shizuoka : Higashi Fujigoko road, exit at Fujiyoshida.

By Train

Change form the JR line to the FujiQ line at Otsuki station and get off at Mt.Fuji station or Kawaguchiko station. The FujiQ bus runs more frequently to Mt.Fuji 5th station during the summer.

By Bus

Express bus from Shinjuku Highway bus terminal bound for Mt.Fuji 5th station.

FujiQ Bus: Express Bus bound for Mt. Fuji

The Fuji Subaru line

The Fuji Subaru Line (toll road to Mt Fuji 5th station) is scheduled to be closed for vehicles from July to August every year. Hikers will be asked to leave their cars at Hokuroku parking and take buses from the parking lot to the 5th station.

Temporary regulation of vehicles on the Fuji Subaru Line

Climbing fee

Yamanashi prefecture asks for an optional 1000 yen fee for maintenance effort in the Mt.Fuji area.